Seven ACOR members traveled to the Center for Inquiry in Amherst New York to join in this years celebration. Kenny Biddle, the Chief Investigator for CFI, entertained us with some interesting examples of cases he has solved. There is even a museum showing some of these fascinating stories. We then enjoyed a delicious catered dinner. This was followed with entertaing and educational presentations and a sing-along of secular holiday tunes led by John Barrett.

Meeting many of the CFI staff was especially important for us. John Barrett is the Organizer for CFI Western New York. He organizes most of the events via his Meetup Group. We met Eric Shaver who does outreach for CFI. Eric is new to the job and wants to work closely with ACOR. We are planning an event together to take place in Rochester on January 20th. Kenny Biddle seems to be a great choice for Chief Investigator. He is enthusiastic and enjoys solving mysteries of the paranormal.

The Center for Inquiry is a great resource for ACOR members. We look forward to staying involved with CFI during the coming year.