About Our Email List

Not everyone that wanted to join ACOR was comfortable joining Meetup. We have also changed to a donation model rather than yearly dues.

To facilitate this ACOR is changing how we communicate with our membership, specifically we will be using Google Groups. We have added all of the member emails we have to this group. Here’s some information about how the groups list will work:

  1. The group list is not public.
  2. Only email addresses on this list can send to the list.
  3. The address of the list is atheistsofrochester@googlegroups.com.
  4. Currently when you send to atheistsofrochester@googlegroups.com it will go to the list manager. After the initial startup we may change the list to a format where messages sent to the list will get broadcast to all members on the list – a public discussion and announcement system. We’d appreciate your opinion on this.
  5. We will not sell or distribute the list, it is for ACOR use only.
  6. If you do not want to be on the list there is a link at the bottom of this email to unsubscribe.

Any other questions – please ask – you can use the Contact Us page of this site.